June 20, 2008 - Balancing Time During WSOP! Well, it's been a great couple of weeks for me since I posted here last. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you've followed me on PokerListings as well as everywhere else you find poker news. I've been mixing tournaments with cash games at the Bellagio. I had my first WSOP cash this year (28th in the $2.5k NLHE event). I played really well, but I would have loved to take down that bracelet (the $666,697 for first wouldn't hurt either!). So many pros going deep. The bracelets are staying in the pro ranks, both the old-timers and the young studs. There aren't nearly as many soft spots as there have been in the past. I guess the number of players is still as strong as last year, but the quality seems to be much deeper. It is rare to not recognize someone at your table, unless you take a seat at a $1.5k NLHE donkament! Cash games are going great for me. Seven sessions: one small loss, one break-even, and five winning sessions. That is the plan, to win big and minimize the losing sessions. The games have finally started to get a bit bigger at the Bellagio. I played two sessions of $400/800, one with a $100 ante at Nick Shulman's suggestion. It included Hansu, Greg Mueller, Van Diesel, Jenifer Harman, Eddie Ting, and Minh Ly. That group will definitely keep you on your toes, and it was nice to rack up more chips than I sat down with at a table like that. I also got away from poker a bit. I did some shopping at the Caesar's stores (I miss, miss, miss shopping!). They still remember me there, even though I've been gone basically for a year. I had Zach, my PA, and one of his friends Alvin in town. I think they had a great time—good food, seeing a show. Vegas done right! He and Alvin are sweethearts, and it was great to spend some time with them. I also had my girlfriends in town from LA. Seven hotties out on the town, taking the night by storm! It was a crazy night, one big girls party. I kept drinking Red Bull while they drank whatever they had that looked pretty similar to Red Bull (but with a different kick). One of my girlfriends picked up the tab (we never ever let boys pay for things—GIRL POWER!). Anyways, the girls chose to party at The Bank, one of the hot night clubs at Bellagio in Vegas, and the bill for the seven of us came out to $8600. So my girlfriend asked what we tip. I told her it's up to her, and she left $800 for the waitress and $400 was tipped to the busboys earlier in the night already. So the waitress comes back with a response it's not enough, that we needed to leave at least 10-20%. I really have never had anyone come back with a tip and say it wasn't enough. I thought it was outrageous. We ended up just laughing it off and leaving her $1000. I missed being out with my girlfriends, just laughing and not thinking about anything. This past year has been a year away from that, twelve months of being alone for the most part. I'm not used to it, and I really loved being there with all my friends. I'll be playing a few more events before the Main Event, so keep checking here or PokerListings to see how I'm doing. I'm physically feeling great, so my sickness is behind me. That and my friends are keeping me at my best, and I hope I can get even further at my next WSOP Event. Ciao!