March 24, 2008 - The Liz Lieu Exclusive on Chilipoker...Come Join Me! Well, I made it back to Malta, barely in one piece after the EPT Warsaw event. You can read my recap on PokerListings, but I can tell you that I need some good luck with pocket aces sometime soon! Losing three out of five times in Day 1 will do that to you. I made it through the first day and made a horrible play short-handed on Day 2 that could have put me back in the thick of things. The flight back to Malta was a nightmare. It took me over twelve hours including a layover in Frankfurt. Needless to say, I'm not a very big fan of Air Malta now For the first few days back in Malta, I played a good bit online at Chilipoker after I went to the office for three-four hours. It was really great being with Alex and the team, and it made me feel even more a part of the Chilipoker family. When there are so many people working so hard, it gets you motivated, especially since they've involved me in many things going on there. A highlight for me was meeting Eric, Chilipoker's main web designer. I've been working with him via email for several months, so it's always great to connect in person. Chilipoker is working on some great things to continue to grow the site. One of the most exciting things just popped up, a "cheaproll" tournament that I'll be hosting. Anyone who knocks me out gets a free Wii, and they'll be adding $500 to the prizepool plus giving an Xbox to one player who makes the Final Table. It should be a really fun time, and it will be 26 March at 20:00GMT. It's a $1.10 buy-in, so it should be loads of fun. Alex and Eric took me to see The Other Boleyn Girl, which was really a great movie. I was startled though when they stopped the movie in the middle for a fifteen-minute intermission. They used to do that in the US back in the '60's, but it was really odd to see everyone hustling out to get snacks or take a smoke break. On Saturday, Alex had rented a convertible Mini Cooper and took both Eric and myself on a sight seeing tour around Malta. Some places he took us to had amazing views and scenery. We spent most of the morning to mid afternoon just driving around and stopping at nice places as we go. Fabrice joined us later Saturday, and we had a great time out that night. Easter Sunday we went sightseeing on another island near Malta called Gozo. I was exhausted, but it was great to take some time and see a place I'd been working. Hope to see everyone at my cheaproll at ChiliPoker! I'll be shooting to win it so I can keep the Wii myself!