January 26, 2008 - In LA for the LAPC Home. It's something I struggle with frequently as I hop from one continent to another. I now live in London, still have my condo in Las Vegas, hope to get back to Vietnam soon, and am back in LA. Sometimes, I'm not sure where home is for me anymore. In terms of my poker, LA and Commerce are always special. I feel rejuvenated just being back here. Commerce is where I learned the most about poker, where I spent my time playing LHE then tournaments. Many people say that Commerce has the toughest players in the world. It is an aggressive game for sure, and the players there forced you to constantly focus and play your best. Commerce is also where I've had some of my greatest tournament success, especially the last two LA Poker Classics. I took down my first tournament there two years ago then followed it up with another win last year. I took last January off, and I think it really helped me play my best. I'm doing the same this month, taking some time to rest and prepare. I've passed on a few very interesting opportunities just to be sure I had time to play and get ready. I really don't know what to expect at the LAPC as far as the number of players and size of the prize pools. For the pros, there are more tournaments being played all over the world. There also are less sponsorships available to players. I'll be very interested to see how the fields look when they get started. Right now, I'm planning to play in the larger buy-in events. Here is the schedule: Event #11 (2/4) $1k NLHE Event #13 (2/6) $545 NLHE Turbo 6-max Event #14 (2/7) $1.5k NLHE Event #15 (2/8) $1k LHE Event #16 (2/9) $1k NLHE Shootout Event #17 (2/10) $335 NLHE $250k Guaranteed Event #18 (2/11) $2.5k NLHE Event #19 (2/12) $1k NLHE Event #20 (2/13) $2.5k LHE Event #21 (2/14) $545 NLHE Tag Team Event #22 (2/15) $2.5k NLHE Event #23 (2/16) $1.5k LHE Event #26 (2/19) $545 NLHE Event #27 (2/20) $1.5k NLHE Event #28 (2/21) $1k NLHE Event #29 (2/23) $10k WPT Main Event Even though I'll focus on the larger buy-in events, the smaller ones should have some big crowds. First prize for the first $335 NLHE tournament last year was over $110,000. Check here regularly, and I'll keep you up to date on when I'll be playing and how I do. I can't wait to get started!! Cheers!