October 28, 2007 - Taking Time Out For Others In Vietnam! Wow!! I've finally managed to take time off from work, and spent the past 3 weeks in Vietnam doing charities. Before my charity journey began, I flew into Saigon and spent a few days visiting my dad at the temple. My first few stops were HaNoi, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong. I had brought 4 tons of rice along with me this time to distribute to the villagers. The people there were really appreciative and nice, and it's great to see how optimistic they were despite their poverty. This really sends out a message that 'money is not everything.' I had great fun there too! It's been years since I last took a ride on a bicycle. There is this sweet little girl who offered me a ride on her bicycle, and I gladly accepted the offer. I almost felt I was on a roller-coaster. Woohoo! Chilipoker.com have been really supportive of my charities, and especially with this trip of mine back to Vietnam to do what means a lot to me. I represented on Chilipoker behalf in donating funds to the village to rebuilt this village's temple. Watch video clip On day 3, I arrived in DaNang and caught up with my best friend, John. We visited the children's orphanages, elder's orphanages, elder's homeless shelter and mental institution. We visited some of the same shelters that we had been to last year, and it was heart-warming for us to know that some of their health has improved tremendously, but also very sadden to find out that a few of them have left this world. Watch video clip Our next destination was offshore. We went out to sea and bought 4 tons of rice, and 400 boxes of noodles to distribute to the families living out there. Watch video clip Lastly, every time I am back in Vietnam I can never miss visiting numerous temple to lend them a helping hand with all the things they need. This year all the temples were in need of posters to hand out to visitors that visit the temple. So we had donated thousands of posters, rice, and also boxes of noodles to help out. I can honestly say, visiting these temples always brings me a lot of peace! Watch video clip After all the charities, I spent the last few days back in Saigon for my dad's 49th Day Prayers. It has been nearly 2 months since he left us, and I still miss him everyday. But I know he is in good care and will be watching us from up above. Just want to say, 'I love you, Dad.' I'm just back in London today after a short business trip in Malta to meet up with Alex (my sponsor) and also had an opportunity to meet all the Chilipoker staff in Malta. They were all very sincere, lovely people. I have to thank them all for the wonderful hospitality! I will be flying back to Las Vegas tomorrow to visit my family and can't wait to sit in a few cash games! I will also be attending Vince Neil (Motley Crew) celebrity charity event held at The Hard Rock Casino on Nov 3rd. Then I'm off to play Foxwoods main event, and shortly afterwards I will be traveling to Macau for a poker tournament from Nov 20th- 28th. That's it for now, until next time everyone.. Take Care!