June 4, 2007 - The WSOP, WIN, and Mrs.Globe(s) weekend in Vegas As I mentioned in my last blog, I took some time away from poker to relax before the WSOP. I did some relaxing at home here in Vegas, and I even spent a few days in Los Angeles with my mom and friends. Sometimes, being in touch with the people that matter most puts me in a good frame of mind. Last Thursday, I went to a WIN function, which is the newest charity that I'm going to donate a portion of my winnings to, not to mention time. Part of what WIN does is Mrs. Globe, a pageant for women that is different from regular beauty pageants - it judges women based on who they really are. (More information can be found on the WIN website.) Anyway, there was a training weekend here in Vegas for the 2007 Mrs. Globe delegates - they had pageant workshops, style consulting, etc. I met up with the delegates at the Heart Bar inside Planet Hollywood on that first night that they arrived in town, where I met Mrs. Globe 2006 Janette Goins from Nevada and Mrs. North America 2006 Reyna Rahman from Hawaii along with all the other beautiful Mrs. Globe(s) from all across the world. We did a lot of catching up about WIN Foundation, poker, and each other's hometowns. The evening started with cocktails at the Heart Bar and after a few hours, all the ladies headed over to the Tao Nightclub to get their groove going. And let me tell ya… they ALL can dance! I didn't stay out too late, though, because Friday was the first day of the WSOP. I played in the first event - $5000 Mixed Hold'em (limit and no limit). I started out slow but started catching cards in the middle of the day. Just before the dinner break, I was the chip leader, and I went to dinner in the top three of the whole field. I was feeling good! After dinner, I lost my good run of cards, and by the time midnight rolled around, I had taken some bad beats and lost many of my chips. I finished Day 1 at with 11,500 in chips. Boo! When I came back for Day 2, I knew that I had to make a move very soon. I went for it with my A-7 but ran into an opponent's pocket A's. I was out very early on Day 2. Boo! I ended up sticking around the Rio and doing a bunch of interviews, seeing friends, and planning which WSOP events I'm going to play. Right now, I'm planning to play in most of the limit and no limit hold'em events. Wish me luck!