April 23, 2007 - WPT Championship, Karaoke, and WIN I've been in Vegas for about a month, and the WPT World Championship started on Saturday. It's a $25,000 buy-in event, but I won a satellite the week before to get in for $2500. Now that's the way to enter a big buy-in tournament! Anyway, there were two first days, and I played on Day 1A on Saturday. There were lots of huge names in the field - Phil Ivey, Jamie Gold, Phil Hellmuth, Hoyt Corkins, Harry Demetriou, Jennifer Harman, Barry Greenstein, and the list just goes on and on. Everyone started with 50,000 in chips, so it was a nice slow day of play but not without its ups and downs for me. I had some low points, like when my set was run down because I slow-played it. But I had some good points, too. My chip stack varied from 28,000 to 58,000 during the day. I have to mention that I made the best laydown of this tournament in one hand, and it was sick, but it had to be done. I had pocket A's. (That already tells you how sick it was.) The blinds were 100-200, and the player under the gun limped in for 200. I raised to 700, and he smooth called. The flop came 9-9-2, my opponent checked, I bet 2500, then he reraised me 3500 more! I thought for a minute and raised another 12,000, but without any consideration, he moved all-in. Huh? I took a few minutes to think what hands he could possibly have to call my raise and hit that flop. I put him on either A-9 or pocket deuces. I laid down my A's, and he told me that it was a good laydown, showing me the 2-2. Wow. I lost some about 19K on that pot but could've been sent to the rail if I called that all-in, so I saved my tournament life there. Later in the tournament, during the last level of play for the day, I looked down at pocket J's. A player with a sizable chip stack made it 1800 to go, I only called instead on raising because of my position and there were still 5 players behind me that haven't acted, then two other solid players called the 1800 raise as well. The flop came 6 K 5 (rainbow). Everyone checked the flop, the turn came a "8" , the original raiser bet out 5K, now I know he doesn't have a "K" in his hand due to the fact that three solid players called his 1800 raise so it's very unlikely that he'd wanna slow play his hand if he were to have a "K". I then made a raise to 10K and the two players behind me mucked and the orginally better called my raise. River comes an "A". We both checked. My opponent turns over 6 7.. giving him a pair of sixes. I take down the pot with my JJ's I finished the day with 42,750 in chips, and Day 2 starts today at noon. Wish me luck and some good cards! After the first day of the event, since we all had the day off yesterday for Day 1B to play, a group of us went to the karaoke bar at Imperial Palace. It's a little cheesy but so much fun! Among the gathering were Lisa Cripe, Jennifer Newell, Jon Friedberg, Heather, Jay, Joy, Ships, Tiffany, Hollywood Dave, Miri, Lara, Tom, Ryan, Mariealena. I didn't sing but some of my friends did. I also want to mention that WIN, the organization with which I'm now involved and listing as one of my main charities, has sent out a press release from Mrs. Globe announcing my affiliation with them http://www.mrsglobe.com/media_globalupdate.htm. They are such a great group of women, and I received some really nice notes on their forum. I've also gotten some kind messages on MySpace. Thank you everyone for the kind words and support! Cheers!