April 15, 2007 - My Charitable Involvement with WIN Foundation I'm very excited about recently becoming involved with WIN Foundation, and I want to tell you a little about it. Most of my charitable contributions will now be going to WIN and organizations that help the poor in Vietnam those are my two main focuses right now. WIN stands for Women In Need and is a non-profit foundation that helps empower women. They offer classes, programs, and seminars on various topics like recovering from abuse, boosting self-esteem, and something they call Destiny Management, which helps women create their dreams and learn how to fulfill them. Dr. Tracy Kemble started the organization in 1996, and they offer help to women worldwide. Here are some of the goals of WIN: -- They are committed to the emotional health, personal self-esteem, and empowerment of all women. -- They are ommitted to those who find themselves debilitated from past or current pains of abuse and to those who desire to create a life of purpose. -- Believing that abuse is not a disease but a learned behavior, they are committed to educating, inspiring, preventing, and empowering both men and women through high quality counseling programs, conferences, educational messages, fundraisers, and outreach programs. The goal is to offer repair, restoration, and prevention services. -- They believe that by healing women, the family is also healed and the final destination to healing is love and passion of life's purpose. I first heard about the charity from my friend LynnPhuong Frazier- former Miss Virginia Globe 2006, and when I started looking into it, I realized that it is something I want to contribute to and help in any way I can. I know what it's like to go through incredibly tough times and have to basically start life over. This is an organization that helps women do that, and I couldn't be prouder to endorse them. What they do is close to my heart, and after some long conversations with them, I know that this is something I wanted and needed to be involved in. One of my first events with WIN will be the 2007 Mrs. Globe contest, which is an annual fundraiser for the foundation, and I'll be one of the celebrity judges at the event. As other events are announced, I will announce and promote them, and I'm working closely with WIN to learn what other things I can do to help. The first thing I'm going to ask everyone to do is visit their website, http://www.womeninspiration.net whether you need help, want to help, or just get more familiar with the organization. Thanks for everyone's support, and I really hope to do great things with WIN!