April 13, 2007 - Vegas Grand Prix Weekend in Vegas Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while, but my schedule has been crazy! Late last week, I returned from a trip to Paris and headed straight for Vegas. I haven't had a minute to do much writing over the last few weeks! I was in Vegas this past weekend to participate in the Vegas Grand Prix, which was a huge event that featured a race (obviously) and a charity poker tournament that I was invited to play in. The whole weekend was so much fun! The poker tournament started with a red carpet entrance at Binions, and I was interviewed by several people, including the guy from RawVegas TV. (See attached video) There were lots of TV and movie stars there, as well as poker pros and anyone who bought in to the tournament for $2500. Obviously, there was a prize pool but most of the proceeds went to the Vegas Grand Prix charities via the Jenyon Foundation, Inc. As far as the tournament went, I started out pretty well. The first table was a lot of fun with Hoyt Corkins, Johnny Chan, Mimi Rogers, and Danger Ehren..the actor from Jackass. Then, after the first break, I was moved to the featured table. On my first hand, I picked up A-10 offsuit under the gun. I limped in and got four callers behind me. The flop came Ac10d4c, and I checked so that I could check-raise. A guy in middle position bet out 500, Kenna James raised it to 3000, and I pushed all-in for 4950. Kenna called since he was already committed to the pot, and he showed J-5 of clubs the club draw that I suspected! The turn was a 9c, and the river was another club. He made his flush, and I was out of the tournament. Overall, the event was run really well, and I had a great time! I got to spend some time with good people and play poker for a good cause. Other than that, I just had two more magazine covers and articles come out WPT Poker Magazine and Poker Player Magazine. I'm also working with the people who are doing my website, and I'm trying to make sure it gets finished very soon. With all of that, along with business meetings, trying to decorate my new condo in Vegas, and playing poker, I'm hoping to find a few days to relax soon before the World Series starts! Today, I'm heading over to Bellagio for the Five Star World Poker Classic $2500 event. It seems that I'll be sticking around in Vegas through April, playing in some of the events leading up to the big WPT Championship that starts on April 21st. I hope to have some good results to report very soon!