March 20, 2007 - San Jose - Time With Poker, Friends, & Fans Well, I'm finally back from San Jose, and it was an interesting trip that developed into more than just a poker tournament! I started out by playing in the WPT Shooting Stars tournament as a bounty player, which means that I'm one of the featured players, but I have a bounty on me. Anyone who knocks me out of the tournament gets $5000 and a t-shirt with my picture on it that I sign for them. But if I knock out another pro, I can get a bounty, too! Bay 101 is awesome because of the tournament and how great they treat the players, but also because of the fans. As soon as I arrived at the casino, there were around 50+ people coming at me for autographs and photos! It was crazy! I stopped and tried to grant everyone's requests, and it took me almost a half hour to get through the crowd and into the casino. I was quite flattered that so many people were excited to see me! I started the tournament with an awesome hand in the first hour. My opponent, Ernie, moved all in after a flop of J-J-8. I called because I was holding J-10 and had flopped trips. He showed his club draw. Guess what came on the river… Another Jack to give me quads! What a way to start the day! A few hours later, I was sitting on a decent stack, and David "Dragon" Pham moved all-in preflop with pocket J's, and I called with A-10. The board came Q-9-7-A-4, and David was out. The kicker was that he was a bounty player, so I got $5000 for the elimination, and David had to sign his shirt for me that said, "I knocked out David "Dragon" Pham. Later, I found out that the WPT Live Updates team reported it as, "Dragon Slayed By The Diva." Hee hee! My solid stacks of chips soon went away slowly, and I was down to $16,000. On the board was 10(h) 9(h) 4(s) A(c), and I moved all-in with K-J – I had a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. My opponent called with A-K for top pair, and the river was a crappy 2 of another suit. Boo! After a day of some great plays, I was gone. Again, let me say BOO! I was ready to catch the first flight out the next day, but onef San Jose's nightclub promoter called me and asked if I'd be interested in doing a special appearance at a local club called Vivid on Thursday night. Once we ironed out the details, the club started sending out flyers with my picture on it – quite cool. I stuck around all week, just spending some quality time with my girlfriends and doing media interviews back at Bay 101. Then, on Thursday night, my friends and I headed over to Vivid, which ended up being a great time! The crowd was awesome, and I did a mini photo shoot. Thanks to Thai, Hailey, Ann, Huyen, and the rest of the crew for a fun night! Now I'm back home in L.A. and back to work – at home and at the poker tables at Commerce Casino. And I have good news about 2 tournaments in May. I've been invited to play as a guest in both World Open III and Ladbrokes European Ladies Championship in London! I'm really looking forward to playing in these two televised events, as I have great respect for the folks at PartyGaming and Ladbrokes and can't wait to return to London for more poker with the Brits. J For now, I'm trying to enjoy being at home for a week and deciding if I want to go to Reno for the next WPT event. I have several travel opportunities at the end of this month, so I have to make some decisions… I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll blog more soon. Take care!