December 22, 2006 - Bellagio's Five Diamonds ME and Christmas with Family I'm finally back in LA. after two LONG weeks in Las Vegas . I arrived in LA yesterday and I'm back to celebrate the Holidays with my family! Yeah! For those of you who didn't hear what happened in Vegas, I made it to the 2nd Day of the Main Event at the Bellagio 5 Diamond Classic. I don't want to talk about it!! Just kidding. I was knocked out at the very end of Day 2. Bummer! I ended Day 1 in very good shape. I was above average in chip stack. I did make a couple mistakes that day and could have done better but I was pleased with myself overall. Day 2 was a nightmare towards the end of the night. I lost a big stack of my chips when I flopped a set of seven's and got cracked with 99"s when a 9 hit on the turn. About three rounds later I picked up A-K, I made a decent size raise, everyone mucks expect for the big blind who called my raise. The flop came K-10-6 .. and all my chips went all-in. Turn comes a "K" and rivers a "Q". My opponent had K 10, which gave him a full house on the turn already.-- I didn't make any money. *Sigh* It was a very strong field as expected and I was disappointed that I didn't advance farther but I'm very happy to say one of the nicest guy on tour won the tournament! Congrats Joe Hachem! Later that night I spoke with Brad Booth online. After chit chattin for awhile Brad asked me if I wanted to go to Caramel for awhile to celebrate and congratulate Joe on his victory. So I met Brad down by the gift shop and we headed over to Caramel. We all had a great time! And while I was there, I also had a nice talk with Kevin O'Donnell, about poker, charity, bad beats, etc... btw he's a very nice guy and has a very pretty daughter too. After the celebration was over with I completely took the next day off. SERIOUSLY! I turned off my phone and everything!! If you tried to call me that day, you know why I didn't respond! It's been a draining two weeks in Vegas and I was looking forward to spending Christmas with my family. So, here I am, back in LA. I'm with family and I couldn't be happier. It also means I'm taking a small break from poker (maybe) so I can enjoy the next week with close friends and family members. I'm so grateful for all of the blessings I have in my life. I hope everyone feels the same way too. In the past two months, I was able to visit my Dad in Vietnam, participate in the International Poker event in Singapore and now I get to spend time with my sister and mother in LA. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!