December 6, 2006 - I made it to Vegas! Okay, it's been 5 days since I returned from Singapore and Vietnam! I was completely exhausted when I returned to LA. . John drove to Vegas the same night we flew back. I couldn't do it. I didn't sleep on the plane for 19 hours like John did!!! I planned to drive out there the next day but my mom called and she was sick. She was having problems breathing so I had to take her into the emergency room and they performed nose surgery! I'm glad I stuck around so I could visit my mom while she was in the hospital. I stayed in LA for another day to make sure my mom was okay. The surgery was successful and she is fine. So, after doing LOTS of laundry and catching up on emails for a couple of days, I finally left for Vegas. I left Sunday night and it was much colder then I expected in Vegas. I didn't bring any jackets with me. I had to stand outside a couple of different times when I arrived and now I'm sick! Aarrghh. I just stayed in my hotel room the next day. I still haven't played poker for a couple of weeks now but I wasn't feeling up to it that first day back and decided to do some work and rest instead. My PR guys flew into Vegas today. I met them at the Ritz this morning. We had a meeting with a production company to discuss some projects that might happen in 2007. The meeting went very well. I'm excited for some of the stuff my agency has outlined for me in 2007. We had lunch and continued our meeting through the afternoon. I also did an interview with some online poker site. I'll let you know when it comes out . It was mostly business all day. Still no poker! Getting anxious to play again. I plan to play tomorrow in the $1500 no-limit event at the Bellagio! I'll keep everyone posted.