October 15, 2006 - Connecting With Friends Weekend I haven't been playing many of the tournaments at the Bellagio this past week. I haven't been into tournaments lately, I guess I'm a bit burnt out and I see myself not running so well lately. This past weekend was my best friends John Phan's birthday so myself along with about 30 other friends celebrated John's birthday at Pure Nightclub. I was very happy to see that John was estastic when he opened up the present I had bought for him. He gave me a BIG hug and said " I Love It... It so nice " and had a huge smile on his face. I had bought him a Cosmograph Daytona Rolex with a black face, diamond dials, and black leather strap. I think the watch made his night . We partied till around 3am and called it a night. Friday was another night out in Vegas for me. My good friend Joe Sebok had just won the 5000 No-Limit event at the Bellagio ( CONGRATS JOEY) and some of my friends from LA were in town so we all decided it was gonna be another night out... How can I say no that that . So it was another fun night at Pure. We all had a blast and just being goofballs all night. After 2 nights of partying in one week, I am pooped! I played the 200-400 game online the following day and did alright, on the plus side and my plans for today is to just relax, and prepare for Bellagio's main event tomorrow. There is one change I would like to inform everyone about is that my PPL team has decided to change our team name. Instead of " Beauty and the Boyz " it's going to be " Card Sharks " instead. See you all on the felt. Take Care Everyone!! Here are some pics I wanna share with you all... Enjoy!!