September 3, 2006 - I HAVE A NEW POKER CHALLENGE… Recently I was on Bluff Radio with Nick Geber and as we discussed poker, an interesting question came up…Nick asked me if I would like and be interested in picking up a prot?g?. I said, “ It depends on who it is.” He laughs and asked, “What about me?” I had to chuckle at that point and I'll tell you why. You see, Nick and I have become friends and I'm comfortable with him enough to make jokes at his poker play without him getting upset. So I don't think he will mind that I am writing this about him…as nice as he is outside of the poker room, Nick is one of those players that you either love or hate seated at your table—no in between. You see, he is known to be a “donkey” in poker. And guess what his favorite hand is... you'll never guess it... IT'S 6-2..Oh So that is why I had to laugh a little bit when he asked me that question. I thought he might even be joking but he was not. He really wants me to teach him how to play poker. So I thought about it for a minute and told him that I would teach him if he agreed to my terms. I said, “First, NO MORE playing 6-2 (off)—that stops now! (Lol). He said it's a “Deal.” We have other stuff to work out so I don't know the exact details yet. But man, am I in for a challenge! hehe And after the bust out at The Legends, I played in The Paul Hannun Charity Event on Tuesday at the Bike. I arrived there a little late and got seated in a seat that was looking straight at one of Paul's close-up pictures and when I looked around, I could see all of the memorable pictures of him that was hung everywhere in the room. It was really touching. And although I got knocked out of the tournament quite early—I enjoyed being there and showing my support. It was a wonderful event that was put together with a lot of love, care, and respect. If you would like to read more about The Paul Hannun Charity Event, please go to Aside from tournament play, I have just been playing the 300-600 games at the Commerce these last couple days. I will be in LA until the 8th and that is when I will fly out to Minneapolis for the Trent Tucker Charity Event—which I'm really looking forward too. My teammates John Phan and Patrik Antonius will also be present as well at this event. You probably won't hear from me until after I get back from Minneapolis so I hope you all take care and have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day.