August 29, 2006 - My AK Nightmare at The Legends of Poker Main Event Just in case anyone is wondering how I did at this tournament I want to let you know what happened... Let me first start off by telling you that I played extremely well. I was confident. I read other player's correctly. I caught cards and maximized my hands when I knew I was in the lead. I am not disappointed at all by the way I played in this tournament. And I must say that I started off this tournament right--I doubled up right away at Level 1 and stayed consistently at 50-60 thousand throughout the first night up until the last level of that night that is--during which I got involved in a hand against the small blind when I was the big blind. The end result was that I made a Q high flush and my opponent made a K high flush--I ended up leaving with 35,900 in chips that night. The next day, I built my chip count up to 155,000 thousand. I was one of the top 3 in chip lead until the worst thing happened... I was the button at seat 7 with KK. The ante was 200 and the blinds were at 400/800. Seat 5 decides to raise to 10,000. When it came to me, I thought about it, and was certain that he couldn't have AA"s because of the enormous raise he had made. I put him on AK, AQ, AJ, or small/medium pocket pairs so I made a raise to 35,000, everyone behind me mucks and the action is back to him... He pushes all in-- for a total of 94,000. I called his all-in raise. The flop was a "rag flop", the turn a "blank", (he get's up from his chair ready to leave) and the freakin river is the Ace of Diamonds!!! I could not believe it. I know these things happen but I still could not believe it. Let's just say I wasn't the only one at my table and watching that hand that couldn't believe what had just happened. I had read him correctly--he had AK OFF-SUIT. How unlucky is that? After that disaster, I had about 55000 in chips left. Five hands later I get dealt QQ. Small Blind raises to 15000. I move all in and he calls my all-in raise. Again I run into AK(off) The flop was A - 10 - 3. The turn a "blank", and the river was a "K". And out the door I go. But like I said in the beginning, I played extremely well. I was in the "zone". I myself am proud of the way I played. I am definitely disappointed by the outcome but I know I did not get busted out because of a bad play or move on my part. I just came across a player that had a lot more luck on his side and luck in situations like my KK hand is what AK off-suited needed. So now you know (if you weren't there witnessing it anyways), how the Main Event at the Bike went for me. But don't worry, my time will come and I'm ready--I will make it to that final table. When I do...."You are all invited to cheer me on." :-) Anyways, before I take off, I want to mention two other things...The first is that I am headed to the Bike in a bit for a charity poker event in honor of my friend Paul Hannun who passed away a few weeks ago. Again, he was a very Talented Photographer and Cameraman for the WPT and this $1000 buy in event is in honor of him and will benefit his fianc?e Sarah and their unborn child. It is being held at the Bicycle Club and if you are in the area or would like to support this--please stop by. The second thing I want to mention is my store. Now that it is finally open, I want to let you all know that I am always open for suggestions, requests, and feedback. Let me know what you all think and what you all would like to see. It's very important to me that I make my site and the products on my site things you will enjoy. I am looking into adding new products to the store and doing the research on that and your opinion matters to me. ~> Well I gotto to you all soon.