July 14, 2006 - The Weekend & The Rumors Since I busted during the first day again, I decided I would gather friends together for a table at Jet Nightclub at the Mirage. So I called John to see if he was in and then we called around to get a group going. It was mostly the usual suspects, John Phan, some of John's friends, my good girlfriends, Joe Sebok, and some other poker players joined like Gavin Smith, so it was a fun group. Of course we had fun with the camera so here are a few of the pics... boy it felt good to blow off a bit of WSOP steam and get a way for a few hours :) One of the topics I wanna share about is that this WSOP we are seeing lots more reporting and blogging than ever. There are record numbers of reporters, photographers and news sources here- it is great for poker to get this global coverage, good for all of us. Me included... I have found I can now share more and I have always wanted to communicate back with people who are writing me, and sometimes it is hard due to timing. So, while you might agree or disagree with my thoughts and observations, I stay focused on what I know, my own information, I am not an expert, just a professional poker player who is trying to share with others. Unfortunately, this year it seems like there are lots more rumors in blogs than ever. Some of the ones about me are particularly funny, and, I thought you should hear the latest one since it seems so silly I thought you might get a laugh as well. I included my personal response to clarify any confusion just in case someone reads it who doesn't know me. It's be great if we could all focus on poker but I guess there isn't much to write about my "cold card" WSOP game right now so then the rumors begin... Rumor- Liz is paying photographers & media not to take pictures of other players, especially women. My response- Hmmm, I never thought of that, but it seems mean spirited to block players from coverage and I simply don't understand why I wouldn't want other players and poker to get coverage. I value the media & blogger relationships that I have and appreciate whatever coverage they are willing to provide. Poker is a very small world and I try to get along with everyone because we are all going to be here day in and out doing our jobs. So, I hope to continue to play in a way that I keep getting covered. I am sure that I have no advantage over any other players out there and not sure how this rumor would start. But, more important it seems a bit insulting to the professional media & photographers covering the event to imagine that they could be bought to alter coverage of a world class sporting event. So, Back to the game... I played again today the Limit Holdem Event and my cards are not improving. If my cash game was suffering like my tournament game I would be concerned, but I know I will work through this dry spell, I am just hoping that I do it prior to the end of the WSOP!!! I will keep at it and hope for the cards to come. Back soon- Liz