May 8, 2006 - Post Match Excitement- or God Bless the reporters who are trying to tell a story Today was a fun day for me... the phones and e-mail messages of congratulations are very nice, so thank you all. The Hendon Mob 1,000+ inquiries this week is a true compliment. Now on the flip side, since this was such a grassroots style of events, I am seeing some things out there that I just want to clarify for all... and this seems like a good place, since this is where people are coming to check out the scoop. So, right from the "diva's" mouth- if you will, I want to clarify that during Day 3 I was "energized" when Martin came in and joined the match- he had gotten delayed and he is an important person to me. As my online sponsor, yes, Martin was "backing me in the event" but I am getting lots of questions if he was "backing" me in the investment sense of the of the word. Martin had asked for a piece of my action and I granted it based on our close relationship. That is different than backing but it does make someone financially interested in your game. And, for all of you who are asking about what Martin whispered to me, I hate to burst your bubble, but he just asked if I wanted something to eat. Not very glamorous I know, but everyone was asking, so there you go ;) I will share more as the questions keep coming in, so check back for more inside info... Best- Liz