May 6, 2006 - Day Two Recap / Day 2 / Day 1 Continued Well, Day 2 actually turned out to be Day 2 plus the end of Day 1. But, first things first. Most importantly, I WON!!! And in just two hours believe it or not. Not to gloat, but I was glad to get the first win under my belt to show the strength of my game to the poker room spectators and all the people watching via internet. The match started on time today which was good, the audience built up right away, probably because it was Saturday. I rested up last night after us calling the night at midnight. I was ready to play tonight and the cards were going my way. You can check out hand detail via our own in-house blogger on There will also be a number of recaps of the event in poker magazines- I will keep you posted where. We got a number of good pictures for you to look at, so enjoy those. Day 1 Continued: was under the gun from the beginning as I was the shorter stack, and Erik seemed to be steaming from his recent, pre-dinner loss to me. Maybe I used all my cards in the first match, but honestly when I think back on the evening, I know I played a stronger game before dinner than after. I defended my position the best I could but he continued to get the cards needed to best me. In a few hours time we were done with the continuation of Day 1 and Erik had beat me- so we are now even with one win each going into Day 3.