April 18, 2006 - I'm Ready To Play The 25k Event At Bellagio I've been at the Bellagio for over two weeks now but really haven't done anything exciting. I played in 3 tournaments so far but didn't get anywhere. I've been playing in alot of cash games though. The first week I mainly played the 100-200 no limit games since we couldn't get a 300-600 or 400-800 limit game going but after the foxwoods tournament ended and everyone starting to fly into vegas there's been a 400-800 limit holdem game going everyday, so how can i miss out on not playing in my favorite game. The first night I didn't do well... when the game first started I was winning 12k in about an hour and then everything turned the opposite way... I got AA's 4 times and got them cracked all 4 times. the last pocket AA's that got cracked against A 8 offsuit was when I said to myself it's not my night and quit the game being stuck 18k. The next day I got up around 3 pm... ordered room service then headed out of the Bellagio to go do a voice session for a video game that I will be in which will be out sometime in Sept...After being at the studio recording for about 3 hrs I headed back to Bellagio and got in a 200-400 game... It didn't take very long until we kicked it up to 300-600... I put in 9 hr session and ended up winning 26k. I"m still waiting for Eric 123 to give me a date on when he wants to play this HU match and then it'll be a set thing... What I do know and can tell u is that we will play these 3 matches at The Venetian poker room. I will be playing the 25k on the 2nd day which is the 18th. If u want chip counts and updates go to www.pokerfolio.com. I wish everyone the best of luck as well as myself. :-)