April 10, 2006 - 600k HU Limit Holdem Freezeout Against Eric 123 Even though I didn't make it very long in the 5k tournament, my day turned out better then I expected. After getting knocked out I went and sweated John for awhile. He had made it to the final table in the 3k event but sadly he suffered a brutal beat with his pocket 9's against JQ offsuit and placed 9th. The flop came Q Q 9 ( rainbow ) 3 way action and all 3 players went all-in on the flop... turn was a blank card and of course the river had to come the last brutal Q. I then went to the poker room and started a 3 handed 100-200 no limit game with Eric ( edove) and 1 other player from LA. It didn't take long until the game filled up as players were getting knocked out of the tournament and Eric was gambling and giving action as usual. Next to sit down was Erin Katz then came Brad, Lee, and a few other players I know by face but I'm horrible with names. After playing the game for about 3 hrs and was up about 14k,, I was involved in a big pot against Erin... It was Erin's big blind and I picked up two 8's... I made a raise to a thousand, everyone mucks then Erin calls the 8 hundred raise. The flop comes Q 8 2 .. Erin checks,,, I bet out 1500.. Erin raises to 3200... I reraised to 6600... Erin then moves all in on me, he had about 18k-20k left and I immediately called. Eric then saids to me before turning his cards over..." set over set again" and he was right. Erin had flop 3 deuces and I flopped 3 eights.. I have to say Erin was running cold. After winiing that pot I was now up 37k and decided to quit and headed straight to the Chanel store and bought 2 new purses :-) While I was shopping I got a call from Ama asking me to go to dinner with the team at Jasmine at 9:30. During dinner Eric 123 and I had agreed on playing a 3 match 200k HU limit holdem freezeout. 1 match each day. We have't decided exactly where and when we're gonna play but it'll be sometime in the next week or two. I will update it when we decide on the exact date. It will be a live game and not an online thing.