February 28, 2006 - Last week At The LAPC Tournaments First off I wanna thank all the people that have read my article in Cardplayer and Cardplayer College, and those who have sent me such wonderful and touching emails. I really truly appreciate it. I played in the invitational event but didn't play so well and got knocked out very early. I've just been taking a break from poker for the last few days and hanging out with my friends. On Sunday I went and did a live radio interview for KLSX www.971freefm.com with Louie and Brian, and got to meet Steve Ringgold who is the producer of the show. They were all very pleasant and made me feel so relaxed and the interview went so smoothly. I am flying out to San Jose this morning and I will be playing in the Shooting Star event. Hope to see many of you there. Here are some pictures that were taken during the Invitational Event and the live radio interview...Last week At The LAPC Tournaments.