February 4, 2006 - Winning My First Tournament! I finally achieved my goal! I won my first tournament in the 1k limit holdem event at LAPC. This was the first tournament that I've played since I've been back to LA. Before the tournament started I had said to myself that i would try twice as hard and won't give up because there was a very special reason for it. I didn't want to disappoint my friend because I had given my word to help the MS Society. From the time the tournament started till the moment I won the tournament the only thing that lingered in my mind was the conversation my friend and I had and what his mother and other unfortunate people were going through. I kept saying to myself no matter what I have to win this tournament. The first day of the tournament after about 5 hours of play I lost a few hands and was down to about 2500 in chips, but with my determination i was able to bounce back and at one point I was the chip leader. About 5 minutes before the 1st day ended I lost 20k of my chips to a deuce- four hand and was left with only 20k left to start with on day 2. I got a very nice email from my friend's mother before I started day 2... Her email gave me all the confidence and determination I needed to take this tournament down. I started day 2 with a very positive attitude and I played the best I've ever played. And now I am finally able to do what I've always wanted to do which is to help others in need. I have always believed in what goes around comes around. There are allot of adults and children out there that aren't as fortunate and by caring and doing good deeds will always pay off at the end... Out of the 20% earnings from this tournament 15% of it will go to The MS Society Foundation and 5% will go to the unfortunate people back in my country that are in need of food and shelter. I encourage everybody to try and help as much as possible and to donate to charitable foundations. The more money we give, the closer we are to finding a cure, and making the world a better place to live.